Sexual Assault Suit Filed Against Restaurant Owners

Sexual Assault Suit Filed Against Restaurant Owners

Two former employees recently filed a sexual assault suit against the owners of Brigham’s in Belmont and the parent company Brigham’s Inc. for the sexual assault they reportedly experienced during their employment.

The suit was filed by two teenage boys who claim the owners made sexual gestures and advances towards them while they worked at the restaurant.

The Teens Claims

Michael Mango, 18 and Maximillian Smith-Marder, 18, both claimed in their lawsuit that they had been sexually assaulted, the victims of gender-based discrimination and experienced emotional distress as a result of the incidents.

The defendants John Mercer and Steven Kupelnick, are the co-owners of Brigham’s.

Mango and Smith-Marder claim the two older men made sexual comments and innuendos towards them on a daily basis.

Sexual Assault Affects Boys Lives

Mango claims that in October 2006 while he was working as the opening manager at the restaurant, Mercer followed him into the kitchen, which is off limits to patrons, and attempted to perform sexual acts on him.

The boy claims that Mercer, on several occasions, acknowledged that his behavior was inappropriate and would stop for a short while, only to begin the harassment once again a few days later.

According to the claim, when Mango attempted to pick up his last paycheck from Mercer, the man threatened him, telling him that if he filed a suit, he would “regret it.”

Boys Seek Compensation

The boys are seeking an undisclosed amount for damages including lost wages, emotional harm, costs and attorney’s fees, plus interest.

Shortly after beginning his job at Brigham, Mango dropped out of Belmont High School.

“The harassment put a huge strain on my life,” says Mango, “I’d like to say it didn’t cause me to drop out of school, but that’s probably just me trying to compartmentalize.”

(Source: Town Online)

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