Man Files Sexual Harassment Suit Against Employer

Man Files Sexual Harassment Suit Against Employer

An Iowa man has filed a lawsuit against his employer alleging that he experienced severe sexual harassment in his workplace because he was gay and as a result, he lost wages and suffers from depression.

The suit, filed by David Quick, 43, names Emco Enterprises Inc. as the defendant.

The Suit

According to the lawsuit, quick was the subject of extensive severe anti-gay harassment from his coworkers.

The suit claims that he went to company officials with his complaint, but instead of helping him, the company failed to intervene, and even retaliated against him.

The harassment was so severe that Quick became clinically depressed and developed an anxiety disorder rendering him unable to work.


When Quick filed the complaint with his manager, an investigation was performed. The coworkers who quick said were harassing him denied the allegations, and Quick was told his complaint had no merit.
According to the suit, the harassment continued, and Quick was forced to file a claim with the Des Moines Human Rights Commission. They sent Emco a certified letter.

The harassment continued to escalate. Quick claims he was called into his supervisor’s office for discipline over his allegedly poor job performance several times. They later told him he they knew he was looking for another job and that they would accept his resignation.

He was also given a three-day vacation, but upon his return, he was given a suspension for an unauthorized absence.

Quick was then diagnosed with severe depression, and his doctor recommended that he take time off through the Family Medical Leave Act. The company originally refused but caved when quick’s attorney threatened to file suit.

After two years of harassment, quick applied for long-term disability and was fired.

Quick seeks compensation for lost benefits, wages, emotional distress, and lost enjoyment of life.

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