EEOC Sues Auto Shop for Sexual Harassment

EEOC Sues Auto Shop for Sexual Harassment

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed a lawsuit accusing a San Jose auto shop of illegally firing employees, and harboring an environment in which sexual harassment was allowed to continue.

The Lawsuit

The EEOC claims that the supervisor at White Oaks Auto Body sexually harassed female employees, and then fired them.

The EEOC also claims that the body shop also fired four male employees who sided with the two harassed women and spoke out against the harassment.

“Sexual harassment in the workplace can affect all employees, not just the direct victims. In this case, we found men who defend their female coworkers by objecting to the ongoing harassment. Responding to these type of complaints with termination is retaliation and completely illegal,” said Joan Ehrlich, EEOC District Director.

Attorney’s Comments

William Tamayo, EEOC attorney, said that the owner of the shop not only allowed the harassment to continue, but he also allowed the supervisor against whom the complaints were made to handle the complaints.

“The women here were forced by the shop’s owner to object to their harasser face-to-face, the same man who violated their rights on a daily basis. Also, their male coworkers deserve a lot of credit for standing up for the rights of their female coworkers,” said Tamayo.

“We filed this lawsuit to send the message that employers must not turn a blind eye to harassment. Referring the problem back to your alleged harasser will only exacerbate your problems. Posting a sexual harassment policy in the workplace is not enough,” Tamayo added.

Victim of Sexual Harassment?

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