Popular Shoe Risky on Escalators

Popular Shoe Risky on Escalators

Officials at rail stations and shopping malls around the world are growing increasingly concerned about reported incidents of children getting hurt on escalators when wearing a popular new shoe.

The clogs, known as Crocs, are reported as being the cause of many escalator accidents that are happening throughout the country and the world.

Warnings Being Posted

At the Washington Metro, ads warning riders about the risks of wearing the shoes when riding the escalators have been posted.

It seems that the two biggest selling points of the trendy shoe have become the two biggest drawbacks: their flexibility and grip.

Reports coming from as far away as Japan explain having similar problems with the shoes as has been reported in America.

The shoes “teeth” are allegedly getting stuck at the bottom and top of escalators, as well as in the cracks between each step.

Crocs are typically worn by children and are made in sizes small enough for two-year-olds.

Reports of Injuries

Rory McDermott, a four-year-old resident of Virginia, got his foot caught in an escalator while wearing Crocs and one of his toenails was ripped off.

Japan has reported 39 incidents of similar accidents occurring.

A two-year-old in Singapore reportedly lost her big toe to an escalator while wearing the shoes.

A small boy in Atlanta also suffered from toe injuries when he was riding the escalator at the airport and his foot got caught.

(Source: Findlaw)

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