Company Managers File Slander Lawsuit

Company Managers File Slander Lawsuit

A group of managers at a cardboard manufacturing plant have filed a lawsuit against the plant’s parent company claiming slander.

According to the lawsuit, the Central Texas Corrugated Inc. fired the managers and falsely accused them of stealing cardboard from the company and selling it themselves for personal profit, essentially ruining their careers.

The Waco Police Department did not have any record of any criminal charges filed against the plaintiffs.

The Suit

The plaintiffs claim that corporate officials at Boise Cascade, owners of the Central Texas Corrugated cardboard plant, launched a “smear campaign” against the managers. They claim that the Boise Cascade officials told employees that the managers were stealing the cardboard, selling it for personal profit, and using company money to pay for boat and auto parts.

The lawsuit claims that the Boise Cascade officials made these claims to get rid of the managers over personal grudges.

The managers seek damages “in the seven figures, at least,” said Dudley Jordan, the plaintiffs’ attorney.

Jordan claims that the actions by the Boise Cascade officials have damaged the managers’ reputations and will make it hard for them to find employment again.

“As we allege in the lawsuit, each of these people who have been fired as the result of Boise’s internal investigation have been wrongfully accused,” said Jordan. “They’ve been subjected to hours of investigation by Boise’s security personnel and are now left in the position of having to go out and find another job and explain to a potential employer the circumstances under which they were fired. They have lost their careers.”

One of the managers is also suing Boise Cascade for breach of contract. Boise Cascade owes him 23 months of salary as mandated by his employment agreement, he claims.

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