Slip and Fall Suit Filed Against Kroger

Slip and Fall Suit Filed Against Kroger

A woman who allegedly slipped and fell at a local Kroger grocery store has filed a lawsuit for the injuries she has sustained over the past two years.

Though the incident isn’t recent, the woman has reportedly been disabled from living her life fully as a result of the accident.

The Incident

While Marilyn Kaye Renfro was at the Dowlen Kroger two years ago, she claims she slipped and fell at the fault of the store’s manager.

The manager, Brenda Mills, and Kroger, are being sued for allowing a slip hazard to remain on the floor without any barricade or warning.

The personal injury lawsuit was filed after Renfro suffered serious permanent injuries due to the incident in 2005.

Defendants Accused of Negligence

The suit blames the defendants with negligence for allowing this dangerous condition to exist during store hours and for failing to provide seating where customers could safely sit and dine. 

Renfro claims that as a result of her injuries she can no longer perform her household duties.

Lawsuit Claims

Renfro is suing for physical impairment, loss of earning capacity and the inability to attend to the needs of her family.

(Source: Southeast Texas Record)

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