Man wins $5.8M in Workplace Slip and Fall

Man wins $5.8M in Workplace Slip and Fall

A man who suffered a severe workplace injury when he slipped and fell on a puddle of oil has been awarded $7.5 million by a jury. The jury verdict was one of the largest ever for a southern New Jersey slip-and-fall case, according to the Superior Court Judge, Joseph Kane.

The suit, filed in the Atlantic County Civil Courthouse, names as defendants Seaview Lincoln-Mercury (now called Holman Lincoln-Mercury), and ACR Mobile Detailing.

The Accident

Malick was installing remote alarm starter devices for H&R Radio. According to the lawsuit Malick was working as an independent contractor on a car at the Seaview Lincoln-Mercury car dealership when he got up to get some parts from his car that he needed to complete the installation. On his way back, he slipped on a puddle of oil and water and fell straight onto his back.

He suffered a herniated disk. Because of the scar tissue and extreme chronic pain he is experiencing, Malick must take five medications daily, including nerve damage medication, and a muscle relaxer. According to Tom Vesper, Malick’s co-counsel, Malick will never be able to work again.

“He loved his job. What’s amazing to me is the defense said he was a fake,” said Vesper. “He is constantly monitored by his doctor because of the medications he takes.”

The Award

The jurors pulled out a calculator and broke down the amount to be paid to the plaintiff by each of the defendants, said Vesper. They awarded $3 million total for pain and suffering, $425,000 for lost future wages, $95,304 for medical expenses already paid, and $2,300,000 for future medical expenses, for a total of just over $5.8 million.

The dealership was found 99 percent liable, and will have to pay $5,762,100.96. ACR was found 1 percent liable, and will have to pay $58,203.04.

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