Smokestack Fire Leaves Three Injured and One Dead

Smokestack Fire Leaves Three Injured and One Dead

A smokestack fire in West Virginia left one power plant worker dead and three others clinging for life before their helicopter rescue this Saturday, from the 100-story plant. The four men were installing a lining to the plant late Saturday night when the fire broke out, trapping them above the flames.

David Early, the father of one of the rescue workers told the Associated Press that his son had complained of safety concerns regarding the power plant just days before the accident. David Early II, who allegedly had a serious fear of heights and typically worked on ground level, was told that night that he would be jeopardizing his job by not complying with orders to work on the top of the smokestack.

“My son didn’t have an air pack or safety harness. He called down and said he needed a safety harness and someone sent one up. All them boys would be dead if they didn’t have a safety harness,” commented the angered parent. The men “held on to each other and prayed,” he added.

According the David Early II, who was treated for severe burns on his thighs and stomach, the hoist used to transport workers and materials was defective. The lift had no breaks and apparently only relied on gears to hold its passengers aloft.

“There needs to be a safe alternative to get people down,” Earley’s father commented. “My son asked for that.”

The workers involved in the accident are employed by Pullman Power LLC of Kansas City, Missouri and were working on the American Electric Power’s Kammer-Mitchell plant, 68 miles southwest of Pittsburg.

A representative from Pullman Power neglected to remark on the safety accusations facing the company, but commented, “Right now, our primary concern is for the welfare of Pullman Power employees and their families.”

ullman engineers will continue investigate the cause of the fire when the site is made safe for inspection. According to authorities, the fire destroyed the stack liner and left large amounts of debris in the base, which will need to be cleaned up.

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