Woman Files Suit Over Sonís Plane Crash Death

Woman Files Suit Over Sonís Plane Crash Death

A Louisiana woman filed a wrongful death lawsuit after her son was killed in an aircraft accident in 2005 claiming pilot negligence and mechanical failure caused her son's death.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Christopher Blanchard. Blanchard was a passenger in the Beechcraft KingAir F-90 twin-engine airplane along with his 7-year-old daughter and several other friends who were flying to a vacation spot.

According to witnesses of the crash, the aircraft touched-down on the runway, banked, rose once more into the air, and then banked again before crashing into the ground. The aircraft burst into flames about 200 yards from a Louisiana airport.

Robert Landry Sr., an eye doctor, owned and operated the Beechcraft. Another passenger Coy MacVoyd Sr. was also a licensed aircraft pilot. Which man was operating the plane is still in question.

According to the accident report by the Federal Aviation Administration, there was no conclusive evidence that would indicate which pilot was controlling the aircraft at the time of the accident.

The lawsuit filed by Sylvia Blanchard, Christopher's mother, seeks a jury trial and unspecified damages for her losses and suffering. The lawsuit names Landry's estate, MacVoyd's estate, the U.S. Specialty Insurance Co., Beech Aircraft Corp., and Pratt and Whitney Canada as defendants.

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