New Findings in Southwest Crash

New Findings in Southwest Crash

New findings revealed that not only were the pilots to blame for the Southwest plane crash that occurred at Chicago’s Midland Airport in 2005, but the absence of safety zones also contributed to the crash.

Federal officials finally put the pieces of the puzzle together this past week in determining what caused the Boeing 737 to skid off the icy runway.

National Transportation Safety Board Discovery

The National Transportation Safety Board recently released findings that there was a gap in safety procedures when the plane was set to land.

According to reports, the pilots of the Southwest Airlines jet skidded off the runway because they were unaware of a new braking procedure that was being used during the blizzard.

Their lack of experience with the new auto-braking system reportedly distracted them from engaging the aircraft’s engine thrust reversers before going off the runway.

The jet crashed into a vehicle outside of the airport, killing one man and injuring 20 passengers on board.

Pilots Not the Only Ones to Blame

Although the investigation found that the pilots of the plane were in the wrong for inadequate piloting, the new findings also revealed that Southwest Airlines contributed to the accident as well.

The safety board claims that they failed to provide consistent guidance and training regarding the procedures for stopping the plane in slippery conditions.

“This crew knew they were flying on the edge. The problem was, they didn’t really know where the edge was,” Debbie Hersman, a safety board member, explained.

(Source: Chicago Tribune)

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