Lawsuit: State Ignored Warnings of Abuse

Lawsuit: State Ignored Warnings of Abuse

A lawsuit has been filed against the state of Washington claiming that dreadful child abuse happened because Washington social workers failed to heed warnings that the 6-year-old girl’s parents were dangerous and likely to abuse her.

Because of the resulting child abuse, the girl sustained brain damage and was left partially blind.

The Suit

The multimillion-dollar lawsuit was filed by attorney Tim Farris on the behalf of 6-year-old Sandra Soto against the Washington state Department of Social and Health Services. It was filed in Yakima County Superior Court and seeks unspecified damages, but state officials said it may result in damages of $4 million.

It claims that the department’s failure to heed warnings led to the girl’s brutal abuse, which left her in a coma.

The state ignored obvious safety risks and evidence of abuse by her parents – two known drug addicts, the suit states.

The suit further claims that the department should not have taken the girl away from the foster family that had taken care of her from her birth until she was 2 ½ years old.

Warnings Ignored

According to the lawsuit, there were, undocumented warning signs that should have deterred the state from placing the child in the care of her parents. The suit also claims that the abuse began when Sandra began to visit the parents unsupervised and before the girl lived with them.

According to the lawsuit, in March 2005, Angela Soto called the Yakima police saying that she had been beating Sandra and that she was unconscious.

Doctors also reported that the girl was suffering physical abuse “amounting to torture,” and that there was evidence of long-term beating.

A police report indicated that the girl was tied to a bed and given a bucket to use as a toilet.

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