30 Students Sue School over Mold

30 Students Sue School over Mold

A Kane County Judge ruled that a lawsuit against a school over illnesses caused by toxic mold growing in the school’s walls can add 29 plaintiffs bringing the total to 30.

The lawsuit originally had numerous plaintiffs, but had whittled down to just one student, Lindsey Scharpenter.

It looked like the lawsuit would come to a conclusion, but when Schartpenter’s claim of illnesses including chronic sinus and respiratory pain was upheld, it opened a door for others to join.

The original lawsuit had several students, teachers, and other school workers as plaintiffs, but a Kane County judge found that those who worked at the school had to sue under workers’ compensation law, and could not pursue the lawsuit in county court.

All 29 of the current plaintiffs are students. Most of them expressed interest in participating in a lawsuit years ago when it was first filed, which allows them to meet the statute of limitations.

The Claims

The lawsuit alleges that the various victims suffered many different illnesses as a result of their exposure to mold in the school.

“It’s a laundry list,” said the attorney representing the students, Craig Mielke. “Everything from sniffling and irritation from allergies to more serious illness like Lindsey has.”

Because each victim suffers slightly different illnesses and were exposed to the mold at different times, Mielke said each case will have to be researched independently. This is not a class-action lawsuit officially.

The lawsuit alleges that the district failed to address concerns over mold at the school for more than ten years. Students complained of headaches, breathing difficulties, and fatigue while they were in the buildings until the school was forced to close down in March 2001.

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