Man Sues Gas Station for Personal Injury

Man Sues Gas Station for Personal Injury

On Friday, a man who claims he was seriously injured due to the wrongdoing and negligence of a service station filed a personal injury lawsuit against the station’s owner.

According to the lawsuit against Glen Carbon Conoco station in Illinois, the man, Burkhart, ran his credit card at pump number 6 and was showered with gasoline that began emitting from a tear at the top of the hose.

The lawsuit claims the hose had torn before when another customer had driven off with it still in his gas tank.

Burkhart alleges that a Conoco employee told him to push his car away from the hazardous gag pump without turning on his ignition, which caused severe injury to his back.

The personal injury lawsuit Burkhart filed alleges that the station owner, St. Louis-based Midwest Petroleum, acted negligently for failing to shut off the gasoline supply on pump number 6 after the previous customer tore the hose.

Additionally, Burkhart claims the service station failed to sufficiently warn customers of the dangerous conditions and failed to assist him in moving his car away from the pump.

According to the lawsuit, Burkhart sustained serious bodily injury, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and gained substantial expenses due to medical bills and vehicle damages.

He seeks compensation to “commensurate with his damages.”

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