Victims Sue State for Icy Road Accidents

Victims Sue State for Icy Road Accidents

A group of Nebraska residents are suing the state and Hall County for dangerous and negligent use of a chemical used to treat icy roads on Interstate 80.  According to this personal injury claim, “rather than preventing or alleviating icy conditions, the chemical applied created unreasonably dangerous and icy conditions, which would have not have otherwise existed if the chemical had not been applied.”  Last winter a multi-vehicle car accident occurred on this chemically-treated highway, resulting in several injuries and one death. 

The car accident lawsuit has been filed on behalf of seven victims of this accident, each of which are seeking one million dollars in damages as a result of this icy road wreck.  According to Nebraska state troopers, they received several calls about vehicle accidents that same day.  Patrol captain Chris Kolb says there was new chemically-treated asphalt on these highways which was intended to slow the formation of ice on the roads. 

Hall County is expected to review the car accident injury claims this week, but says that the county had no responsibility to maintain the roadway.  

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