Electricianís Widow Files Suit Against Mall

Electricianís Widow Files Suit Against Mall

A Pittsburg woman filed a lawsuit after her electrician husband was killed in a mall explosion alleging the mall’s negligence directly caused her husband’s death.

James F. Sherry, 61, passed away in May 2004, five weeks after the fatal explosion. Sherry died from severe burns that covered more than half of his body.

According to the lawsuit, Sherry and another electrician from Wood Electrical Construction Co. were assigned to run a 480-volt line from inside the mall to a construction zone outside.

The lawsuit claims the mall was negligent for failing to maintain or repair outdated electrical equipment and for requiring electricians to work around energized equipment, which resulted in the explosion.

Eaton Corp. and affiliates, the manufacturers of the electrical equipment are also facing claims of product liability, negligence, and breach of warranty for producing improperly insulated equipment.

“Obviously, it was an unfortunate accident,” Eaton attorney Patrick Mechas said. “It’s so early on that we haven’t looked at the product or assessed the circumstances.”

The lawsuit seeks an undisclosed amount for economic and non-economic damages.

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