Surgical Burns Victim Files Lawsuit

Surgical Burns Victim Files Lawsuit

A Washington state woman filed a personal injury lawsuit against Swedish Medical Center and two staff doctors, as a result of medical malpractice that caused her to burst into flames on the operating table.  Jackie Day, a 54-year old graphic artist from Kitsap County, was admitted to the medical center for a lymph-node biopsy as part of leukemia treatment.  After receiving a general anesthetic, she awoke to her face and neck on fire.  She suffered significant burns as a result of this medical malpractice. 

A spokesman from the Swedish Medical Center stated: “During the procedure, she suffered a burn on the back of her neck and scalp- perhaps due to the inadvertent ignition of an alcohol-based hair-styling product.  The burn was treated immediately and appropriately.”  He says this gross surgical injury has prompted Swedish to adopt a pre-surgical hair-care product screening for all surgical patients.

The plaintiff’s attorney, Jane Morrow, said that they had tried to settle this medical malpractice case out of court earlier this year, but terms could not be agreed upon.  While she declined to disclose the amount of compensation her client sought in damages, Morrow did say the total was less than one million dollars.  Morrow also mentioned that the hospital never apologized to Day for this horrifying act of medical malpractice, Swedish Medical Center claims to have made a “good-faith effort” to remedy the situation and compensate this burn injury victim. 

This medical malpractice case is set go to trial in the near future. 

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