SUV Hits Teen, Lawsuit Ensues

SUV Hits Teen, Lawsuit Ensues

The family of a teenage girl who suffered serious physical injuries in a pedestrian accident has filed a lawsuit against the pastor hit her in his SUV claiming that he was driving recklessly.

Rev. Randall W. Nelson hit Brittany Van Camp, 14 at the time. The girl was struck as she and her friend used a crosswalk, according to Christian Perrucci, the Can Camps’ attorney.

The Accident

The crash occurred as the girls walked home from the public library around 4:20 p.m.

Nelson was stopped at the intersection waiting to turn right, looking to his left, the suit said. Without looking to the right, Nelson pulled out and hit Van Camp, who was on the right of his vehicle, Perrucci said.

“He didn’t look both ways,” Perrucci said.

According to the lawsuit, the impact sent Van Camp airborne. She landed in the right lane and was rendered unconscious, said Perrucci.

Van Camp suffered brain trauma and a fractured eye socket, said Perrucci. She required medical treatment to this day, he added.

The police took blood samples from Perrucci’s car, which was impounded.

Perrucci said Van Camp has recovered from her injuries well enough to return to school, but she still needs medical treatment and she still gets headaches.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

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