Parents File Lawsuit for Death of Son

Parents File Lawsuit for Death of Son

The parents of a boy who drowned in an irrigation pipe have filed a suit against the Kennewick Irrigation District (KID).

Their son, who was a popular student at Desert Hills Middle School, was killed in the swimming accident earlier this year.

Swimming Accident Details

Loch was a 13-year-old boy who was playing paintball with his friends before they decided to cool off by swimming through an irrigation pipe.

Although the other boys emerged safely from the pipe, Loch’s shoelaces reportedly got caught inside the large metal culvert that crosses under the railroad tracks of the small community.

“The force of the rapid current flowing through the canal caused him to flip forward, head-first, and, although he must have struggled to get free, the force of the current pinned him beneath the water, causing him to drown,” the lawsuit states.

Since the accident, the irrigation district has worked to eliminate the small pond that forms at the end of the pipe, a pond that often lures local swimmers.

Lawsuit Allegations

Loch’s parents, Jody Heryford and Jeffrey Loch, filed the suit against KID claiming that they were negligent in failing to post warning signs anywhere near the popular swimming spot.

The suit states that there were no “No Trespassing” or “No swimming” signs which would imply that the canal, culvert, and pond were off-limits or dangerous to swimmers.

“There is no grate or fencing or any other type of safety devices to protect youth from encountering a dangerous, or in this case, fatal situation,” says the suit.

(Source: Tri-City Herald)

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