Girl Injured in Swimming Pool Accident

Girl Injured in Swimming Pool Accident

A six-year-old girl was injured recently while in a children’s wading pool in late June.

Her parents are now suing the recreation club they previously attended for her permanent injuries.

Unfortunate Accident

While Abigail Taylor was in a wading pool on June 29, she unknowingly sat on an open drain and lost part of her intestinal tract due to the powerful suction of the drain.

States throughout America have passed pool safety-laws in the past due to the same swimming pool accident frequently occurring with small children.

For instance, in North Carolina they require pools to have dual drains so the force of the suction is decreased and children are prevented from being injured.

Parents File Lawsuit

Abigail’s father, Scott, claims the suction, which pulled out most of the child’s small intestine, was not properly secured.

Doctor’s were forced to remove the part of her intestines that remained, says the family’s lawyer, Bob Bennett.

The little girl remained in intensive care for over a week and had to undergo several surgeries.

“She’ll receive her nutrition through a port for the rest of her life,” says Bennett.

(Source: Pantagraph)

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