Father Sues for Swimming Pool Accident

Father Sues for Swimming Pool Accident

The father of two toddlers, who were close to drowning in a daycare pool, has filed a suit against the Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR) and the owner of the daycare.

The suit claims that both the DHR and the daycare facility are guilty of negligence in permitting the accident to occur.

Suit Filed

The suit has been filed by Wyman O. Gilmore Jr. on behalf of Robert Hicks, the father of the two children involved in the swimming pool accident.

According to the suit, the boys, both two-years-old, were not being adequately supervised when they escaped from the daycare, climbed over the fence surrounding the swimming pool and fell into the water.

“Both minor children sustained significant physical injuries as a result of the near drowning in Nancy's Day Care swimming pool,” states the complaint.

DHR and Its Employees Blamed

DHR and its employees have been accused of not assuring that Nancy's Day Care met the minimum standards and regulations implemented by state laws.

A particular violation that is named in the suit is one regarding the fence surrounding the pool.

The minimum height requirement for a fence surrounding a pool is four feet while the fence around the Nancy Day Care pool was a mere 37 inches.

No specific damages have been requested in the suit yet.

(Source: The Clark County Democrat)

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