Iowa Teachers Get Licenses Revoked for Sexual Abuse

Iowa Teachers Get Licenses Revoked for Sexual Abuse

A recent report claimed that between 2001 and 2005, more than two dozen Iowa teachers, coaches and public school administrators have been caught having inappropriate sexual relationships with students.

The Associated Press discovered through documents found in an open records law request to the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners that sexual misconduct between teachers and students has become an ongoing issue.

Disciplinary Action Taken

Within this five-year period the board reportedly took action against 61 teachers, administrators and coaches in the state of Iowa.

Out of the 28 cases revealed, 46 percent were reports of sexual abuse involving students.

Sexual Abuse Cases Revealed

Among these cases, is one involving David Simmons, a former teacher, who was found guilty in April 2000 of two counts of sexual abuse with two different students.

Simmons was sentenced to 10 years of prison and got out this year early on work release.

Daniel Duello, a former gym teacher and coach, also had his state board revoked in 2006 for the sexual exploitation of a girl on his basketball team.

State Attempts to Stop Abuse

In 2000, a new law was passed in Iowa, which required background checks to be done on educators seeking new licenses in other states.

The law was passed as an attempt to prevent sexual abusers from simply finding victims in other states.

“You can’t just say, ‘Oh, I know you resigned, and we’re just going to be quiet.’ The previous district has a responsibility,” explained Judy Jeffrey, the Department of Education Director.

(Source: Gazette Online)

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