Teens Sue County in Sexual Abuse Case

Teens Sue County in Sexual Abuse Case

A group of teens who claim they were sexually abused at a home for juvenile offenders were recently given permission by a judge to file a suit against San Mateo County.

The lawsuit claims that the county failed to protect the teens from a sexual predator that was employed at the facility.

Lawsuit Details

Cardell Demond Brown, 41, is named as the defendant in the suit filed by the three teens, who range in age from 14 to 17.

The teens say that Brown subjected them to sexual intercourse, masturbation and other acts of sexual abuse while they were staying at Project 90, which is a non-profit organization in San Mateo.

Judge Enables Teens to File Suit

The teens filed a claim against Brown in 2006 but their claims were denied by a Board of Supervisors.

However, Judge Marie Weiner recently ruled that the teenagers have the right to sue the county.

“Lawsuits have the ability to bring justice,” said Tom Gundlach, the attorney for the plaintiffs. “Hopefully, the county will now take the act of placing children who are their wards a little more seriously.”

(Source: San Mateo Daily Times)

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