Class Action Status Requested in Teflon Lawsuit

Class Action Status Requested in Teflon Lawsuit

Consumers in fifteen states are seeking class action status in pursuing claims against DuPont Co. over the concealed risks of using Teflon cookware.  Experts estimate that DuPont’s liability in a successful class action lawsuit could total up to $5 billion.  

Last year, the US Department of Justice issued a subpoena asking DuPont to disclose all internal documents regarding toxic substances suspected to be present with Teflon product heating.  This suggests the government is considering pursuing criminal charges against the company. 

Teflon lawsuits claim that DuPont hid evidence that toxic substances are released when Teflon products are heated to 464 degrees.  Studies show that perflourooctanoic acid, PFOA or C-8, is released when Teflon reaches certain temperatures. 

Additionally, evidence allegedly indicates that six toxic gases are produced, including possible carcinogens, when Teflon products are heated to 680 degrees. 

The Environmental Protection Agency claims there is no definitive link between Teflon product use and exposure to these deleterious chemical compounds.  

Last year, DuPont settled a $16.5 million case with the government over the company’s concealment of information regarding the dangers of PFOA. 

Through Teflon lawsuits, consumers argue that DuPont knows of the dangers of PFOA exposure from Teflon products, yet continues to conceal this information from the public.  None of the plaintiffs are attempting to show that Teflon product use caused injuries, rather they want to show DuPont’s negligence in disclosing the risks associated with their cookware. 

If these Teflon lawsuits are consolidated into one class action case, attorneys for the plaintiffs could claim to represent the millions of consumers who have used Teflon products, seeking damages on their behalf. 


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