Wrongfully Evicted Tenants Awarded $860,000

Wrongfully Evicted Tenants Awarded $860,000

A family who was reportedly wrongfully evicted from their Tennessee home was recently awarded $860,000.

According to court documents, a mother and her four children were evicted by their landlord without a court order before all of their belongings were destroyed.

Landlord Breaks into Home

Veronica Suttles was living in a one-story house with her children when her landlord Michael Scrivani accused her of refusing to pay rent.

He reportedly removed her refrigerator and stove and threw out her food telling her she could get a cooler to store food in.

In another report filed by Suttles, she claims when her and her family arrived home from a graduation one day two men were in the house and various items, such as the blinds, coffee pot and other kitchen utensils were found on the floor.

The living room was reportedly empty and all her family photos were on the ground.

Mother Seeks Justice

Immediately after seeing the state of the house, Suttles called the police and discovered Scrivani had turned in a letter of conviction with a forged signature from Suttles.

After deciding Scrivani was in the wrong for the eviction, a Chattanooga jury ordered the landlord to pay his former tenant $110,000 for emotional distress and destruction of property.

“Mr. Scrivani had taken away the memories of this family,” explains Whitney Durand, the attorney who represented Suttles. “They lost not only their clothes and furnishings but suffered severe emotional distress.”

Suttles and her children were also awarded an additional $750,000 in punitive damages.

(Source: Chattanoogan)

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