Tennessee Mechanic Files Personal Injury Suit

Tennessee Mechanic Files Personal Injury Suit

A former mechanic in Smyrna, Tennessee filed a personal injury lawsuit against nine defendant companies claiming he suffered neck, head and shoulder injuries while working on a big rig. John Sheffer claims he sustained serious back and neck injuries while attempting to release a wheel on the truck.  

The defendants named in the suit include: 

  • Cottrell and Navistar, Inc
  • Cassens Transport Company
  • Fontaine, FIH
  • Fontiane Fifth Wheel Company, Inc.
  • Fontaine Industries, Inc
  • Fontaine International, Inc.
  • Cassens Corporation's fleet 

Injured Mechanic Blames Former Employer

Sheffer alleges that Cassens, the company he was working for at the time of his injury, failed to protect his safety as promised when he was hired. He claims that the company, who assured all the mechanics that their facilities would be safe, didn’t live up to its promise and should be held liable for his losses.  

Big Rig Manufacturer Also Named a Defendant

Sheffer also claims that Cotrell and Navistar, Inc., the manufacturer of the big rig he was working on, was negligent because the big rig lacked a safe way to release its fifth wheel. 

The lawsuit states Cotrell and Navistar, Inc. were negligent because of reasons including: 

  • The big rig was manufactured without a proper release system for the wheels
  • Wheel and housing was prone to collect road debris
  • Fifth wheel mounts weren’t positioned with enclosed housing
  • The wheel didn’t have adequate brackets
  • There were no signs warning that excessive force may cause injuries 

Suit Alleges Injuries Were Foreseeable

According to the lawsuit, Sheffer is not the first mechanic to have complained of injuries sustained while working on the big rigs manufactured by Cotrell and Navistar, Inc. The lawsuit also claims that because the company ignored previous complaints, they knowingly subjected Sheffer and other mechanics to possible injuries. 

Sheffer is seeking compensation in excess of $1,150,000 from the defendants for physical, psychological and financial damages sustained.  

(Source: Madison St. Claire Record) 

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