Tennessee School Works to Clear Mold

Tennessee School Works to Clear Mold

Reports claim that the Weakley County Board of Education is currently working to remove the toxic mold that was found inside Westview High School.

The mold was identified as being harmful and has had a negative impact on students, explains Amber Griffin, an attorney in Memphis.

Lawsuit Filed for Student’s Exposure

Earlier this week, a hearing was held regarding a restraining order that has been requested to prevent the school from operating until the mold has been removed.

The injunction requested came after a lawsuit was filed by Carol Hinman, the mother of Griffin and Dominique Pochop, who were previous students at the high school.

According to the suit, the children have tested positive for mold exposure and since their diagnosis have been suffering from a variety of symptoms.

Previous Suit Filed

Another lawsuit was previously filed by the parents of Caleb Joost who claimed that officials at the school neglected to properly handle the mold problem that has been ongoing throughout the years.

The Joosts claimed that their son experienced 26 symptoms as a result of his exposure, including:

  • Respiratory infections
  • Sinus infections
  • Skin infections
  • Vomiting

(Source: Jackson Sun)

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