Texas Hospital Sued Over Sexual Assault

Texas Hospital Sued Over Sexual Assault

A sexual assault lawsuit was filed against the security company at Huguley Memorial Medical Center earlier this week.

The suit is one of many that have named the hospital as a defendant in the past decade and attorneys for the victim are determined to seek justice.

Woman Assaulted in Room

A fellow patient reportedly sexually assaulted a 47-year-old woman, who was being hospitalized for depression and was put on suicide watch.

Perry James Brown, a 60-year-old felon with a history of mental problems and drug abuse snuck into the patient’s room one night while she was heavily sedated and proceeded to rape her.

The victim reportedly told Brown “no” when he came into her room; however, Brown, who is documented as suffering from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder with psychosis, reportedly told her “I love you. Jesus loves you. Everything is okay.”

Brown was eventually caught early the next morning when a nurse walked into the room, where he was still raping the victim.

Hospital Security Blamed

The lawsuit has been filed against the security at the hospital, Smith Security, accusing them of being negligent for allowing Brown to wander around the hospital unsupervised.

“It would be obvious to anybody: You don’t put someone that police know is a severe risk to themselves and others, alone in an unrestrained room,” says attorney for the victim, Michael Sawicki. “It’s like leaving a rabid dog in a hallway of a school, you can’t be shocked if he bites someone.”

Controversial Hospital

This isn’t the first time that the hospital has been the source of controversy.

A male nurse employed at Huguley was sued for sexual assault in 2003 and early this spring a $1.2 million settlement was reached in the case involving a stroke victim who was injected with drugs then sexually assaulted while at the facility.

(Source: Star-Telegram)

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