Galveston, Texas Police Sued for Police Misconduct

Galveston, Texas Police Sued for Police Misconduct

A family is suing the Galveston Police Department for an incident where officers beat up their then 12-year-old daughter who they thought was a prostitute. The family is seeking compensation for the police misconduct that harmed their daughter.

Girl Assaulted by Police in Her Front Yard

According to the lawsuit, 12-year-old Dymond Milburn was in her front yard when three men who jumped out of a van proceeded to assault the girl, striking her in the face and throat while one declared, “You’re a prostitute. You’re coming with me.”

Girl Did not Match the Profile of Suspected Prostitutes

Apparently the three men who jumped out of the van were plain-clothed Galveston police officers who were in the neighborhood looking for:

  • Three white female prostitutes
  • A black male drug dealer 

The lawsuit points out that the police had no reason to assume the girl was a prostitute:

  • Dymond is African-American, and therefore did not fit the racial profile of those the police were looking for.
  • Officers thought she was a hooker because she was wearing "tight shorts."
  • The police went to the wrong house, two blocks away from the area of the reported illegal activity.

Arrested While Still Recovering From Injuries

After the altercation Dymond had to be treated at the local hospital for:

  • Black eyes
  • A throat injury
  • Eardrum injuries

Three weeks after her hospital visit, still healing from the beating she received, Galveston police showed up at Dymond’s school and arrested her for assaulting an officer.  The case went to court but a mistrial has postponed hearings until February.

Lawsuit Claims Victim Continues to Suffer

Dymond had her unexpected run in with the police a little over two years ago.  Since that time the lawsuit claims she has experienced:

  • Behavioral problems
  • Nightmares
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

The lawsuit is expected to enter mediation in early 2009.

Police Misconduct

Although law enforcement officers generally act ethically and within legal boundaries and agency policies, occasionally there are lapses of conduct.  Sometimes the police misconduct is a purposeful abuse of power.

If you feel that you have been the victim of misconduct by a law enforcement officer or agency, it is important that you write down as much as you can about what happened, including:

  • the date and time of the event(s)
  • who was present at or witnessed the event(s)
  • the names of the officer(s) and other individuals involved
  • whether you were injured, and if so, details and documentation
  • notes of conversations that you have had with people involved, including after the event

Preserve any evidence that you have regarding the misconduct.

(Source: Houston Press)

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