Roller Coaster Shut Down After Accident

Roller Coaster Shut Down After Accident

A roller coaster was recently shut down after an accident injured several children at an amusement park in Texas.

The accident occurred on a ride called the Little Dipper at Kiddie Park, a popular children’s amusement park.

Problems on Roller Coaster

According to reports, the amusement park was closed and the Little Dipper was shut down after the ride abruptly stopped and the cars slid off the track.

Although the State Department of Insurance is supposed to oversee the amusement rides, a spokesman for Kiddie Park reportedly didn’t report the accident to the state.

Children Injured and Parents Concerned

No children were killed in the accident, but many of them were severely injured and several walked away with bumps and bruises.

“It just doesn’t seem like a very safe place,” explained Leticia Seale, who paid to enter the park then left right away after seeing the condition of many of the rides.

The Little Dipper will supposedly be closed until the track is fixed, which could take several weeks.

Not the First Accident

This accident is reportedly not the first to happen at Kiddie Park.

In a report which was filed by the state, a little boy supposedly lost some of his teeth in a roller coaster ride at the park in 2004.


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