Texas Mother Awarded $5M for Loss of Son

Texas Mother Awarded $5M for Loss of Son

Last week, a federal jury in Texas awarded the mother of a man, who was recently killed, $5 million in a wrongful death lawsuit.

The suit was filed against a former Harris County deputy constable.

Lawsuit Allegations

The suit, which was filed by Jeanette Goodman, claimed that deputy constable Terry Ashabranner shot and wrongfully killed, Michael Wayne Goodman.

According to reports, Ashabranner stopped Goodman when he was riding his bike in late April when the two men got into a confrontation.

When Goodman pedaled away from the officer, Ashabranner claims he sent his guard dog after him and Goodman tried drowning the dog in a ditch.

Ashabranner then reportedly fired at Goodman, killing the 40-year-old man.

Deputy Held Responsible

Reports claim that Ashabranner unlawfully stopped Goodman on his bike and used excessive force, violating his constitutional rights.

“I think the verdict sends a pretty strong message that people in this county expect officers not to step over the boundaries that are reasonable when detaining citizens who pose no danger to them,” commented Jeanette’s attorney, James A. Stegall.

Jeanette Goodman was awarded $3 million in punitive damages, $1.4 million for future loss of companionship and $500, 000 for her mental anguish due to the sudden loss of her son.

(Source: Houston Chronicle)

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