Lawsuit Filed for TGI Friday's Fire

Lawsuit Filed for TGI Friday's Fire

The owners of a TGI Friday’s restaurant recently filed a $950,000 suit for a fire accident that occurred in 2005.

The suit has been filed against a janitor and the firms that were involved in the designing of the fire-prevention system installed at the restaurant.

Fire Shuts Down Restaurant

According to reports, Fernando Lopez Sr., who was working as a janitor at the time of the incident, mistakenly left the grill on a high heat before leaving for the night.

“He came back an hour later, and the restaurant was on fire,” said Jim Bigoness, the attorney for TGI Friday’s. “It was certainly an accident; he didn’t do it on purpose.”

When the fire broke out, a system failure in the kitchen pipes that was designed to discharge liquid into the room in case of emergencies reportedly didn’t activate.

Lawsuit Seeks Compensation for Loss of Business

As a result of the fire, the restaurant had to be completely rebuilt and was shut down for two months.

Reliable Fire Equipment Co., which maintained the fire system and Ansul Inc., the company that manufactured the system, were both named in the suit.

Lopez filed claims stating that due to the improper design, installation and the negligence of the companies named, he was held responsible for the fire.

TGI Friday’s hopes to receive compensation for the lost business they endured during the time of the restaurant’s reconstruction.

(Source: The Times Online)

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