Risks of Exposure During Hurricane Downplayed

Risks of Exposure During Hurricane Downplayed

A congressional committee recently accused emergency management officials of downplaying the risks of formaldehyde in trailers during Hurricane Katrina.

Victims along the Gulf Coast were allegedly being exposed to high level of toxic substances, yet the government is being held responsible for downplaying these risks during the crisis.

Government Accused of Misleading Victims

According to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science and Technology, officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency along with the Department of Health and Human Services failed to properly follow scientific review procedures when reporting toxic dangers to victims.
Many speculate that the government skirted around the issue to avoid any legal liability.

“FEMA officials actually hid, manipulated or simply ignored the scientific work and concerns of federal scientists to justify their own policy and legal objectives,” says Brad Miller, committee Chairman.

Health Issues Ensue

Since this natural disaster the Sierra Club conducted air-quality tests and found that there was a high level of formaldehyde, which is a potential carcinogen, in the air.
In 2006, several victims of the hurricane reported having irritation thought to be related with the air quality.

(Source: News Track)

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