Toxic Mold Infests Apartment Building

Toxic Mold Infests Apartment Building

When an infant recently died while living with his grandmother in an apartment building, some believed that it was due to infant death syndrome.

However, after researching, the infant’s grandmother discovered that the black mold, which infested her apartment, was to blame for the sudden death.

Infant Dies Suddenly

Bullis’ grandson, Ezekiel was only five-weeks-old when he died suddenly while living in the complex.

“At first I thought, ‘Mold can’t do this to a person,” explained Bullis, “ But we went and did research and we found that it can. That’s when we started putting two and two together.”

Lawsuit Filed

After researching toxic mold and its harmful affects the grandmother of the boy, Rachael Bullis, and several of her neighbors in the apartment complex where she lived filed a lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed against the owners of the complex, Dell Loy and Randy Hansen and their management company, Wasatch Property Management.

Another Infant Affected

According to the suit, many other residents complained of respiratory problems while living in the complex.

Shortly after Ezekiel’s sudden death, another infant died in the same apartment building.

Toxic mold was reportedly found in the infant’s lungs and medical experts who have been working on the case say that both babies obviously died of SIDS.

“We want the jury to decide the case,” says Robin Peters, one of the plaintiffs involved in the case, “ I’m going to fight this until the end. We have so much proof.”

(Source: Tucson Citizen)

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