Tests Reveal Toxic Mold in Louisiana Elementary School

Tests Reveal Toxic Mold in Louisiana Elementary School

Recent environmental testing at a 600-student elementary school in Lafayette, Louisiana revealed the presence of toxic mold, which is linked to a number of ill health effects. One student’s constant illness while at school prompted the testing.

According to Plantation Elementary school officials, the toxic mold is confined to the band room and steps have been taken to remove it—including the replacing insulation and ceiling tiles, and cleaning the floors and walls.

Principal Kay Marix said retesting was conducted on Sunday and students will be barred from contaminated areas until the results come in.

“We’ve moved [students] into other areas of the school. Chorus classes are being held in the regular classrooms,” she said.

Environmental researchers identified two types of mold, one of which is more common than the other. Cladosporium is commonly found in moist environments like Louisiana, whereas Stachybotrys is more rare.

Health effects of toxic mold may include chronic symptoms such as nosebleeds, coughing, diarrhea, fatigue, and headaches or hallucinations. Infections such as ringworm may also occur after exposure to toxic mold.

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