Toxic Mold Affects Neighborhood

Toxic Mold Affects Neighborhood

Many residents of Saddleback Ridge Road in Canyon Country are filing suits against the builder of their homes after many of them have contracted illnesses from toxic mold.

Mold problems are supposedly plaguing the neighborhood and several houses that were built only eight years ago are being torn down as a result.

Mold Causes Residents to Become Sick

When Heather Redner, a 24-year-old resident in the affected neighborhood, was admitted to the local hospital three years ago, doctors found nodules on her throat.

After the doctors performed surgery, complications occurred and tissue began building up in her throat.

Redner now uses a trachea tube to breathe and was diagnosed in 2004 with Wegener’s granulomatosis.

Heather’s mother, Sheri, is convinced the mold issues at her daughter’s home are to blame for the illness.

Albert McDougal, who lives next door to Redner, was tested for cancer of the larynx after he lost his voice earlier this year.

According to his physician, is house is having a negative impact on his health and is ultimately causing his illness.

“Albert is currently suffering from toxic mold exposure from his home,” Dr. Mark Horng wrote in a letter supporting his lawsuit against Ryland Homes. “I have advised Mr. McDougal it is my medical opinion that he should immediately evacuate the home with his family so that we can medically treat the effects from his exposure to that mold.”

(Source: The Signal)

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