$22.6M Awarded - Largest Toxic Mold Settlement in US History

$22.6M Awarded - Largest Toxic Mold Settlement in US History

The country’s largest toxic mold personal injury lawsuit was settled for $22.6 million and has lawmakers nationwide looking to the possibility of more claims.  The suit took place in Los Angeles California and was filed by a family that claimed toxic mold found in moldy lumber used in building their house was the culprit in causing their son to become brain damaged.

Five-year-old Kellen Gorman cannot talk, still needs diapers, and requires a level of care that is unusual in children his age.

The settlement is the first of its kind because for many years toxic mold trials were generally unsuccessful in proving the link between mold damage and serious illnesses.

The Gorman’s house was constructed in 1999 using molded wood.  The mold grew and seeped throughout the house, covering the insides of the walls and floors and exposed the whole family to an organic toxic mold they think caused Kellen’s brain damage.

While medical documentation provides a direct link between toxic mold and a number of health problems, the link between the mold and brain damage is seen as being controversial.  

Some 17 companies, including the Crenshaw Lumber Co. Inc., who supplied the wood, were involved in the suit.  As part of their settlement they admit no wrongdoing.

 The settlement is seen as vindication to many around the country who believe that toxic mold can actually cause serious health problems like brain damage and developmental disorders.


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