Toxic Water Affects Marine Base

Toxic Water Affects Marine Base

Contaminated water was discovered at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina in 1982 and more than 850 former residents have filed toxic tort claims since these findings.

Previous residents are claiming that the toxic tap water they were unknowingly exposed to, has been the cause for many birth defects and several cases of cancer.

Cause for the Pollution

According to researchers, Camp Lejeune’s water supply has been contaminated from 1957-1987 by a degreasing chemical known as TCE and PCE, a dry cleaning agent.

Both thee substances have been confirmed as being carcinogens.

The toxic water was finally brought to the public’s attention in 1983 and researchers have been analyzing it since 1993.

The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry is blaming the contamination on leaking underground storage tanks and spills coming from an off-base dry cleaner.

Complaints by Those Effected

Former residents have come forth since the toxic water discovery with illnesses they feel are due to ingesting the water while living on the marine base.

24-year Marine Corps veteran claims his daughter, who was born at the camp in 1976 died at age 9 after being diagnosed with leukemia when she 6.

Marine air traffic controller Jeff Byron had two daughters while living on base, one is developmentally disabled with spina bfida and the other has a rare bone marrow syndrome known as aplastic anemia.
Dr. Michael Gros, a Navy obstetrician claims that after living on base in the 1980’s he developed lymphoma, which has cost him more than 4.5 million for treatment.

What’s Being Done

As doctors and officials continue to research the relation betweem these cases and the cause for contamination, the agency is encouraging those who lived at Lejeune between 1957 and 1987 to check in with their doctors to ensure that they are not at risk.


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