Michigan toxic mold verdict could pave way for future personal injury claim

Michigan toxic mold verdict could pave way for future personal injury claim

Claims involving mold exposure has become an especially pertinent field in recent months for personal injury lawyers.  In Michigan, a personal injury claim has awarded $925,000 in Wayne County Circuit Court to an apartment resident who developed permanent, severe asthma from exposure to high levels of toxic mold because of a negligently repaired apartment.  

Considered the highest-ever personal injury verdict resulting from mold exposure in Michigan, the award could force a new standard of liability on property owners and landlords.  Mold litigation has become a growing field in personal injury cases, as a greater awareness about the potential risks has been made public.

The jury found the apartment management at fault for failing to follow industry guidelines in cleaning up the damp, moldy conditions – which resulted from a flood from a toilet in the apartment above Esmeralda Mahaffy’s unit back in 2001.  After years of ignored complaints of water leakage and persistent mold on the walls and ceilings, the management finally reacted.

Mahaffy was hospitalized three times for severe asthma attacks, including one visit that nearly left her dead when she stopped breathing.  Still taking medication today and living a drastically altered lifestyle to avoid future asthma attacks, Mahaffy’s lawyer hopes the toxic mold personal injury lawsuit forces mold injuries to be taken seriously.

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