Many Toys Still Dangerous for Children

Many Toys Still Dangerous for Children

Every year consumer action groups across the country, from CALPIRG in California, to NYPIRG in New York, issue their “state of children’s toys” list detailing toys that are dangerous to children.  As the holiday season approaches, parents and other gift-buying adults need to be on the lookout for dangerous toys.  The different groups findings are available online and in major newspapers around the US.

Some common toys are found on the list, like Mr. Potato Head, which contains pieces that can almost fit inside 2-year-old’s mouths, even though that is the age group the toy is marketed to.
Toy brands with such familiar characters as “Thomas the Tank Engine” and “Bob the Builder” also have small pieces and parts that can be taken off or easily broken off and pose a choking hazard.  Any toy with these small parts should be carefully monitored or avoided for small children.

Choking is a major cause of death for children under the age of 15, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported.  Choking causes over 58% of deaths related to toys each year.

Sixteen children died from injuries caused by toys in 2004, with seven because of choking, six by riding the toys and two others.  Over 210,000 children went to the emergency room because of dangerous toys.

Other dangerous toys included ones that made too much noise and toys that containing elements that were potentially toxic, such as phthalates, chemicals that are used in making plastic toys softer.


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