Traffic Controllers Sue Over Toxic Mold

Traffic Controllers Sue Over Toxic Mold

The air traffic controllers at the Detroit Metro Airport have filed a lawsuit against various contractors claiming that they botched a mold removal project that took place at the traffic control tower.

The suit accuses the contractors involved in the project of exposing the employees to toxic black mold.

Controllers Have Health Problems

The controllers who work at the tower claim that since the removal, they have acquired various health complications that they believe is due to their exposure to the mold.

The health problems of some have been reportedly so bad that they have been unable to continue working.

“We’re looking to get compensated for injuries,” explains Vince Sugent, one of the eight defendants in the suit who claims he suffers from asthma, fatigue and joint pain. “We’re horrified over the long-term health effects that we still don’t know about.”

Growing Mold Problem

The mold developed from the immense amounts of moisture that were seeking into the tower building and has reportedly been a problem for over three years.

The mold was finally discovered in 2004, when the Occupational Safety and Health Administration conducted an inspection after several employees were becoming mysteriously ill.

The Accusations

According to Sugent and the other defendants, the contractors removed the dangerous mold improperly and failed to inform the FAA about the problems.

In the lawsuit, the employees state that the contractors did not use proper safety guidelines and precautions to protect them from the toxic mold.

The eight defendants are seeking compensation in excess of $25,000 in the suit.


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