Allegations Over New York Train Accident

Allegations Over New York Train Accident

Multiple suits have been filed over a train car accident that occurred in upstate New York and killed a young girl.

The accident reportedly caused $18,000 in damages to a CSX train and train tracks when it crashed at a crossing in Rome.

Teenager Injured

When the train collided with a car, 17-year-old Sara Thaler was partially ejected from the rear windshield of the Ford Taurus.

After enduring severe injuries, Thaler eventually died at a nearby hospital.

Different Parties File Lawsuits

Most of the teens who were in the car at the time of the accident, or their parents, have filed suits against the city of Rome and CSX Transportation.
The suits claim that the city and the company who owns the train and the tracks failed to make the crossing safe.

The driver of the car, Megan Amble, is also being sued for driving recklessly.

Allegations Made

Among the allegations made in the suits are:

  • The city failed to make the crossing safe by allowing brush to cover a stop sign minimizing the drivers visibility
  • The freight train was speeding and failed to sound its horn
  • Amble failed to control the vehicle, causing it to become stuck on the tracks

“What I can tell you is that it’s a tragic case, and it involves the loss of a life,” explained Diane Martin-Grande, Rome City Corporation Counsel. “I’m sure all the parties are going to litigate, and I hope a fair and just resolution can be reached.”


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