Train Accident Suit Makes Progress

Train Accident Suit Makes Progress

A lawsuit was filed in San Mateo County Superior Court last year regarding a teenager who lived in Burlingame and was killed in a train accident.

The suit was filed by the teenager’s family and Caltrain, the city of Burlingame, San Mateo County, the state of California and SamTrans were all named as defendants.

Boy Hit by Train

Fatih Kuc was reportedly hit by a train when he was crossing the tracks with his friends by the Broadway station.

The Kucs claims that the spot when their son crossed should have been fenced off and better protected for pedestrians.

They are blaming SamTrans because Fatih was hit after getting off at a bus stop, which they believe should have had a different footpath leading across the tracks.

Settlement Negotiations Begin

Jerry Nastari, the attorney for the family, reportedly met with Caltrain last week to begin negotiating some sort of settlement.

Larry Anderson, the attorney for Burlingame City, says that the defendants and plaintiff agreed that Caltrain should resolve their dispute first, considering that the two sides could come to an agreement for all parties involved.

The Kucs are seeking an unspecified amount for the wrongful death of their son and for funeral expenses.

(Source: San Mateo County Times)

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