Train Crash Lawsuit Settled in VA

Train Crash Lawsuit Settled in VA

A settlement was recently reached by Norfolk Southern Corp. in the suit that was filed against them by a textile company based out of South Carolina.

Avondale Mills filed the suit against the railroad company after a 2005 crash caused a toxic chemical spill.

Lawsuit Filed by Textile Company

A Norfolk Southern train reportedly slammed into a parked train because of an improperly set track switch.

As a result of the crash, a tank car broke open and released deadly chlorine gas that killed nine people.

The engineer of the train was also killed due to the toxic exposure and hundreds more were injured.

Crash Takes Lives

Attorneys for Avondale Mills claimed in the trial that the equipment in its facilities was coated with chlorine.

As a result of the accident, the company was forced to close since it would cost more to clean the buildings and replace the corroded machinery than the business was worth.

Settlement Reached

Attorneys for the railroad company agreed to pay Avondale Mills $110 million for damages caused by the crash.

In the suit, Avondale Mills argued that the Norfolk Southern should be held accountable for the incident since they were negligent.

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