Woman Awarded $12 M for Train Crash Accident

Woman Awarded $12 M for Train Crash Accident

A woman who suffered serious injuries in a 2003 Burbank Metrolink train crash accident at Universal Studios was awarded $12 million for her losses and suffering.

Jennifer Kilpatrick broke her back in the accident and was one of the most seriously harmed on the train. Kilpatrick was in the hospital for several months for various surgeries and rehabilitation.

Universal Studios was ordered to pay $11,822,867 for Kilpatrick’s medical expenses and pain and suffering after the jury found the train driver caused the crash.

According to the lawsuit, Universal’s train driver, Jacek Wysocki maneuvered the train recklessly ignoring red lights and warning bells. Allegedly he was trying to beat the train they collided with.

“There were lights. There were down gates,” said plaintiff attorney Jerome Ringler. “That would have warned a motorist unless he had clearly ignored them.”

Wysocki died at the scene of the accident and one other train passenger died later at a hospital.

The jury in the case will also be deciding the amount of awards for other seriously injured victims on the train, unless Universal settles the other cases.

Prior to the trail, plaintiff and defense attorneys agreed that the jury’s verdict regarding Universal’s liability in the first trial would apply to the rest of the cases.

Metrolink was named in the lawsuit, but settled with the victims before the trial.

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