Children's Trainer Bicycles Recalled

Children's Trainer Bicycles Recalled

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recently a product recall for children's training bikes due to defects.

In conjunction with the manufacturers of the bikes, the commission issued a statement informing consumers that they should stop using the bicycles immediately.

Product Details

The bicycles that have been recalled are the Instep “Pathfinder,” Schwinn “Run About,” and Mongoose “Alley Cat.”

Pacific Cycle Inc., are the manufacturers of the bikes and they were reportedly sold at retail stores across the country between January and August of 2007.

Potentially Harmful Bikes

The bikes have been recalled because the welder that connects the children’s trailer bike to the adult’s bicycle are defected and could potentially cause harm to children.

The manufacturers of the bike have received reports of the coupler failing which led to a child’s injuries.

Consumers are encouraged to stop using the bikes and contact the manufacturing firm for a free repair kit.

(Source: Reuters)

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