Lawsuit Filed Over Treadmill Injury

Lawsuit Filed Over Treadmill Injury

An 86-year-old woman who suffered serious leg injuries after a treadmill malfunctioned causing her to lose her foot, filed a personal injury lawsuit against the city of Lake Forest, the part district, and the manufacturer of the treadmill claiming they were negligent in servicing and maintaining the defective machine.

According to the lawsuit Josephine Quarta was at the Lake Forest Recreational Center in Chicago and was using a Life Stride 9500HR Generation treadmill when it started to malfunction “by going unreasonably fast even though [she] had set the treadmill to operate very slowly.

The lawsuit also alleges that the treadmill wouldn't stop even when Quarta made attempts by pressing the stop control button.

The out-of-control treadmill caused Quarta to flip on her back where her right leg got caught in the treadmill, severing her right foot. She also suffered various bone fractures in her right leg and sustained serious and permanent damage to her body and nervous system, the lawsuit states.

Quarta claims the treadmill was unreasonably dangerous for its purpose and accused the city, the recreation center, the part district, the manufacturer Life Fitness Corp., and the company that serviced the treadmill of negligence, which she says directly caused her injuries.

Quarta seeks over $50,000 in damages for her losses and suffering.

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