Fuel Truck Explodes in NYC

Fuel Truck Explodes in NYC

Yesterday morning, a tanker truck overturned on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, causing the truck’s 8,000 gallons of fuel to burst into flames and send a geyser of fire over a thoroughfare.  This fire blazed for almost three hours, compromising an unfinished bridge over the highway that caused the bridge to collapse onto the flaming fuel truck.  The ExxonMobile tanker fire flared again at ten pm. 

Fortunately, there were no deaths or serious injuries caused by the truck accident.  The driver of the tanker was treated for minor injuries at the scene of the accident.  However, the fire did force the closure of the Queens Expressway and the temporary shutdown of the number seven subway train. 

As the flames raged, officials interviewed the driver of the fuel truck at length near the scene of the truck accident.  The name of the driver was kept confidential.  Officials kept the driver away from the media.  Authorities reported late Monday that criminal activity did not appear to be a factor in this truck accident.

The cause of the truck accident and ensuing blaze has yet to be determined. 

ExxonMobile has stated that they are cooperating with the Fire Department’s investigation and will be conducting an investigation of their own to determine the cause of this truck accident. 

This truck accident caused a major disruption to those who live, work, and commute in and around New York City. 

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