Jury Awards Passenger in Truck Accident $5.2 million

Jury Awards Passenger in Truck Accident $5.2 million

A jury has awarded $5.2 million in damages to a vehicle passenger left paralyzed after an accident with a truck.

Curtis Woods was a backseat passenger in a car driven by Crystal Lowder when the vehicle was slammed into by a Union Pacific truck driver. Woods, 19 at the time of the accident, suffered a broken vertebra and is now permanently paralyzed.

Lowder was held responsible for 94 percent, or $4.9 million, of the damages, while the truck driver was held responsible for the remaining six percent.

“By its verdict, the jury in essence said that what happened to Curtis Woods shouldn't have happened," says Woods’ attorney, James C. Orr, Jr.

The jury reached the verdict in 8 days of trial in Fort Worth’s 153rd District Court, under judge Ken Curry.

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