Truck Accident Suit Settled for $1.2 M

Truck Accident Suit Settled for $1.2 M

A man who suffered a back injury as a result of a truck accident has settled a lawsuit with the driver and owner of the truck for $1.2 million.

Lidio Ortiz suffered severe head and back injuries, and multiple bone fractures and lacerations when his car was crashed into by an 18-wheel tractor-trailer in 2004.

The truck was driven by William Donald Golaz, and owned by JM Oil Field Services of Graham.

The Accident

An investigation after the crash found that Mr. Golaz tried to make an improper turn and hit Mr. Ortiz’s car.

Mr. Ortiz was airlifted to the Fort Worth hospital where he stayed for two weeks while he recovered from the initial injuries. He experienced severe pain, and still requires at least one more spinal surgery and more physical therapy.

The Lawsuit

According to Ortiz’s attorney John David Heart, “The Defendant truck company failed to comply with Texas Department of Transportation regulations and Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations regarding driver hiring, training, and retention.

“The civil justice system worked as it should to hold the responsible parties accountable for Lidio’s injuries.”

Heart added, “This agreement will enable Lidio to continue his medical care and provide the means to compensate for his physical limitations as a result of this tragic accident.”

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