$1M Settlement In Truck Accident Verdict

$1M Settlement In Truck Accident Verdict

The family of a woman who was killed when she was hit by a truck has settled a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver, and the company that owned the truck for $1 million.

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Elaine Dziubinski by her children, accused the driver, Eugene Argraves, of negligent behavior resulting in her death.

“For the lack of an inexpensive, easily installed set of mirrors, the defendants in this case have in the past and continue now to place a vehicle on the road which is inherently unsafe and puts pedestrians and vehicles at significant risk on a daily basis,” said Carl Secola Jr., Dziubinski’s family’s attorney.

Argraves was charged with misdemeanor negligent homicide with a motor vehicle following the accident. He was sentenced to six months in prison, but the sentence was suspended. The court placed him on two years’ probation – during which he cannot drive – and ordered him to do 100 hours of community service.

Kim Nathan, Dziubinski’s daughter, is extremely disappointed that Argraves avoided prison time. “For what this man did to my mother, to be able to walk away is unbelievable. Our lives have been ruined,” she said. “He got a slap on the wrist after killing somebody.”

The Accident

The police said that after hitting Dziubinski’s car, the truck dragged her body approximately 500 feet.

Argraves claims he never knew he even hit Dziubinski’s car, and definitely did not know that his track dragged her body along the floor when she got out of the car to look over the damage.

Argraves said he never stopped the truck until he was pulled over by police on the highway soon after he hit the car. But witnesses said they say a truck matching Argraves’ truck’s description stopped on the side of the onramp where Dziubinski was lying unconscious. The truck left quickly, the witness said.

There is a 30-foot blind spot in front of the truck, admitted Central Plowing, owners of the truck.

Regarding the blind spot, Argraves’ attorney, Kevin Murphy, said, “She should have realized that he would not have been able to see her if she could not see him.”

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